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SAI-System Audit Information

Systems provide an overall framework for the performance of tasks and are otherwise referred to as collections of interrelated activities or processes.

An audit enables an organization to determine whether systems are being followed effectively, resulting in outputs that contribute to the achievement of business goals

Information regarding the operations and effectiveness of the systems can be obtained through auditing.

Thus, System Audit Information (SAI) provides you with deeper insight to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture with a transformative solution that is reliable.   

The enterprises world over are fast switching over to new technologies to embark on the digital transformation to offer better product and services. With the ever growing adoption of these technologies it is leading to the increase in exposure to threat attack, It means more opportunities for hacks and breaches to occur — from cybercriminals leveraging software, hardware and end-user devices to wreak havoc on your network, to unintentional employee errors can that lead to compromised data. It is increasingly adding to the complexity of IT landscape

Building a cyber-resilient enterprise is a never-ending struggle with a daunting task. We understand the challenges that our clients face on a daily basis because many of our employees have sat on the other side of the table. We assist businesses like yours in combating cybercrime, protecting patented data, and reducing security risks. With the assistance of our team of security experts and technologists, operations specialists, researchers, and ethical hackers, our goal is always to help you transform your business by removing any security barriers.

Against this backdrop of increasing complexity and the unrelenting pressure o organization's limited cybersecurity resources, we work with your organization to develop a plan to meet a necessary level of compliance. Our comprehensive approach does not stop here even though this is an important step. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your risk posture, develop a prioritized plan focused on safeguarding your operational integrity with the right tools and services needed to address on-going threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Values

  1. INTEGRITY – Working towards the highest standard; We are honest and ethical in all that we do. We are fully open and transparent in our activities. We respect the values of all people in line with our moral and ethical principles.

  2. TRUST – Working with integrity and discretion to help achieve your end goals, We seek to develop enduring business and customer relationships. Loyalty towards our customer base is important to help deliver our promises and your end game.

  3. TRANSPARENCY – We believe in complete transparency with all that we do from strategic planning through to delivery and support. Open and honest communications channels are established from the beginning to ensure a healthy working and honest Business relationship and partnership.

  4. COLLABORATION – Working as one; We will work with your priorities and focus on what is required for your organisation, this is achieved through team work, communication and engagement.

  5. BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS – Our clients needs and interests come first. We are here to serve your needs first and foremost, success will follow. Our goal is to help you if we able to, otherwise we will recommend partners that can help you. We apply Ethical standards in all that we do personally and professionally.  

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